A bit abut us

Simon and Patricia have been married for (very nearly) 25 years and are lucky to have 3 wonderful grown-up children.  As they married young and had children young,  they are now looking to have a great time before the grandchildren arrive (no pressure kids!).  We have several projects in mind, so be aware:

We are Spending The Inheritance Now Kids!

Simon is a confirmed Sale fan and used to spend his Saturday afternoons playing prop forward.  He can easily be persuaded to run round with a whistle, running other rugby players’ fun. He also teaches impressionable young rugby players how to get away with some of the things he did when he was playing (the RFU has a rigorous child protection policy). In his spare time, he works for the NHS.

P is a truly excellent cook, using her own flexible plastic utensil (provided by mastercard).  She has spent much of the last 25 years ferrying the children to music and other activities.  She works as a self-employed book-keeper and supports the provision of the arts to local children.  She has no spare time!


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