Day 10 – The Enchanted Village

As is the tradition on Sundays, Simon and B walked up the hill to the house.  Simon did a few jobs until P drove up with Simon’s parents to go to Mortain for 11 am mass.  B stayed to guard the house/sleep.  No sacramental programme this week and the delivery of the sermon was faster and harder to follow.  After a detour to pick up the guard dog (who may have been caught snoozing) it was home for lunch.

On the main road to Mortain there are brown signs to Le Village enchanté Bellefontaine.  That must be a charming Normandy village with picturesque buildings thought Simon.  He was wrong.  Fortunately the theme park was a bit like Southport – closed.

Where to next – well off to the Cascades in Mortain.  Should we go to the Grande Cascade or the Petite Cascade asked P.  The Petite Cascade first said Simon – you don’t want to peak to early and you’ve got to leave some room for “awe and wonder”.  After P had parked the car, everyone set off on the route with B leading the way.  The cascade was nice enough but not overly impressive.  P went to pick up the car and bought cakes for pudding on the way.


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