Day 7 – Look at what you could have had

Simon and P got up early and went to La Maison Française in order to be there when the EDF man arrived.  Simon went to buy some local butter while P went to get a baguette for breakfast.  The simple pleasure of fresh baguette and proper butter was almost eclipsed by the joy that Simon and P had by realising it was bin day and managing to get their bag of rubbish outside the house a couple of minutes before the bin lorry drove down the road.  Note to selves – bin day is Thursday in Juvigny – but is it every Thursday?

The EDF man came around 9am and did all that he had to (read the meter) in about 1 minute, so Simon and P decided to take the opportunity to buy a tumble drier and attempt to buy the assorted plumbing supplies they still require.  This probably meant a trip to Caen but as they passed through Vire, they decided to look for a tumble drier there.  An hour and a half latter (still quicker than going to Caen and back) they’d bought a drier and some of the plumbing supplies, so it was back for lunch.

Simon’s mum had made soup (which was lovely) and after a lunch and a sit down it was suddenly 2:30 and a bit late for the planned trip to St Lo.  Instead they drove down to Ambières-Les-Vallées and had a quick walk round the town and even a look (from the outside) at a property that Simon and P had considered when they bought  La Maison Française.  Unfortunately, Ambières was a bit like Southport – Closed!  So it was off to Goron for a coffee (or hot chocolate) and home for a tea of mackerel bought by B and Simon’s mum from the fish van (so bin men and fish man on Thursdays) that morning