Day 6 Allons-nous á Avranches

What is this we see through the window? Can it be rain? Well, maybe, but we live in NW England and we know rain when we see it. Also, we have all been to Ireland, where they are known to have a better class of rain, sometimes described as “liquid shunshine” other times as “shocking”. But this is France, alors il pleut, but not for long.

After breakfast Simon and P head off for La Maison d’être’, determined today to speak to some of the people who have played hide and seek for the past couple of days. Success! appointments were made, but meeting EDF means that someone must be in Juvigny at 8 tomorrow morning.  There is usually a downside, but what has to be done has to be done.

Simon’s mum and B walked up the hill – this journey seems to be getting shorter. B certainly knows where to cross the road to make the trip safe and avoid as many of those prickly chestnut cases as possible. The cattle in the farm had their heads in their hay troughs, so that was good too. Further success came at the Mairie, open this morning, so Simon’s mum could buy stamps. She thought that finding postcards was a challenge till she tried to find stamps!

On their way across to La Maison Simon’s mum and B found Wednesday’s visiting mobile food vendor.  It was a crêperie. Don’t tell Simon’s dad who was back at the gîte. doing one of life’s really important tasks, today’s Sodoku! At the house, Simon and P had identified a need to make further plumbing associated purchases before work could progress further, so after lunch it was decided that after use had been made of the local tip being open all should go together to Avranches.

The Jardin was a little disappointing as it was rumoured that dogs could not enter.  We decided to act like frenchmen and ignore annoying notices that cramped our style so we all went in. Simon’s mum mistook a very realistic scarecrow for the real thing!  The view to Mont St Michel was great and we resolved to go there before this trip is over. This decision was reinforced by a visit to the Scriptorial museum which gave tantalising insights into the history of the Mont.

Sadly, the search for plumbing gubbins was less fruitful, although a laundry basket was purchased.  Outlets seem to sell dishwashers and washing machines, but not the plumbing bits needed to install them into older houses .

So, back to the lodge as B thought it was well past his teatime. Fortunately a lot of this evening’s meal had already been prepared, so not too long before the rest of us could have our tea too.  Where had the evening gone? Nearly 11, and Simon has to be at La Maison by 8 as EDF has threatened to call in morning for the annual meter reading, now 2 years overdue!! Ça va.